St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario


A transcription of the registers:
Baptisms 1854–1923
Marriages 1820–1923
Burials 1882–1992

By Toronto Branch OGS
8.5 x 11 inches, 142 pages
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The congregation of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Scarborough (SCR-0159) was established in 1819 on land donated by early settler David Thomson, now known as 115 St. Andrew’s Road. The present structure dates from 1849.

The publication contains a short history of the church, a map, photos, bibliography, and a consolidated index. The index includes all participants listed in the 700 baptisms, 313 marriages, and 1,006 burials. The marriages in this transcription include records from Rev. William Jenkins personal register 1820-1839, marriages performed by Rev. James George 1839-1853 as recorded in the Home District Marriage Register, and marriages performed by Rev. James Bain 1860-1867 as recorded in the York County Marriage Register. The index can also be consulted in The Ontario Name Index.

The grave markers from St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Bendale) have also been transcribed and are available as a separate publication.