Pine Ridge Cemetery (Humber Summit), North York


A transcription of the grave markers
Published by Toronto Branch OGS, 1992
8.5 by 11 inches, 31 pages
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This publication (NYK-015) describes the cemetery located one lot north of Rowntree Mill Road on the west side of Islington Avenue on Lot 23, Concession 7W, in the City of Toronto, formerly City of North York and, before that, the Township of York. Pine Ridge Methodist Church was started in 1845. In 1848, the year that Joseph Rowntree purchased all of Lot 23, Concession 7 in the Township of York, he deeded land to John Duncan, Jacob Parsons, Matthew Parsons, James Watson, Jacob McKay and William McKay as trustees for the Primitive Methodist Church in Canada. According to an inscription on the marker, the first recorded burial was in 1853.

Every legible word on each gravestone has been transcribed with some lost information added from earlier transcriptions. The booklet includes an introduction, a map and is fully indexed. The index can also be consulted in The Ontario Name Index.