The College on the Hill


A new history of the Ontario Agricultural College, 1874–1999
By Alexander M. Ross and Terry Crowley
Published by Dundurn Press, 1999
11 x 8.5 inches, 220 pages

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How has the Ontario Agricultural College contributed to Canadian education? What role has the college played in the development of agriculture since it was founded in 1874? This history of Canada’s oldest agricultural college revolves around these two questions.

The Ontario Agricultural College was established to enshrine science in farming, but it also became the testing and extension arm of the provincial ministry of agriculture. Direct government control for ninety years provided financial resources not enjoyed by other post-secondary schools, but the results sometimes proved of greater benefit to agriculture than to education or science. Swept into the University of Guelph when it was created in 1964, the college rethought its role. It emerged as a centre for advanced scientific inquiry, for global agricultural programs, and for understanding rural societies.

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