Ontario Land Registry Office Records: A Guide


Ontario Land Registry Office Records: A Guide
By Fawne Stratford-Devai & Ruth Burkholder
Published by Global Heritage Press, 2003. Updated 2015
8.5 x 11 inches, 52 pages
Downloadable PDF: $13.95

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Land records are essential to understanding the history of Ontario and its peoples. The purpose of this guide is to explain the various types of land records that can be found in Local Land Registry Offices in Ontario, and to provide specific examples of where to locate the records and how to use them.


Understanding Ontario Geography

The Land Registry System

  • In the beginning: Early Land Registry System
  • Patent Information
  • Early record keeping 1795-1865: The Alphabetical System
  • Record keeping based on Townships
  • Alphabetical Indexes and Copy Books
  • Document filing – The Creation of Series Records
  • The Geographic System of Land Registration
  • Abstract Books
  • Land Registry instruments/documents

The Land Titles System

  • History of Land Titles
  • The Geography of Land Titles (LT) – Parcels
  • Land Titles vs. Land Registry – Fundamental Differences
  • Land Titles Documents/Instruments
  • Non-standard Land Titles Documents
  • Books and Registers in Land Titles

Where to Find Land Registry Office Records*

  • Finding The Geographic Address of a Property
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Contact Information Ontario Land Registry Offices (all Ontario)
  • Quick Tips for Searching Land Registry Office Records

*Note that this book was published before the launch of OnLand.ca in 2017 and the closure of Land Registry Offices in October 2020.