Municipal Records in Ontario: History and Guide


By Fraser Dunford
Published by the Ontario Genealogical Society in 2005. Republished by Global Heritage Press in 2023.
8.5 x 11 inches, 184 pages
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Municipal records can prove to be a goldmine for genealogists providing an astonishing variety of records, many loaded with names of local people and detailing their interaction with or participation in local government. This guide explains the types of records that may have been created and their value for family history. Of great value are the six appendices listing every municipality in Ontario that could have produced records. Two more appendices give details on Assessment Rolls and Collector Rolls, showing what information can be found in them in different time periods.

The included extensive list of Ontario townships that identifies their dates of establishment, dates of amalgamation or elimination, and dates of boundary changes which resulted in changes in the County or District that they were part of, is essential for everyone researching Ontario ancestors.