Marynia, Don’t Cry: Memoirs of Two Polish-Canadian Families


By Apolonja Maria Kojder and Barbara Glogowska
Published by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1995
Ethnocultural Voices Series
6 x 9 inches, 200 pages

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The Kojder family from North Battleford, Saskatchewan and the Deputat family from Toronto, Ontario, both came from Poland in the 20th century. However, their journeys and experiences in reaching Canada, as well as their adjustments to a new life once they arrived, were very different.

The Ethnocultural Voices Series provides an opportunity for individuals to share, often in a very personal manner, their experiences and their reasons for leaving their homes to start a new life in Canada. In Marynia, Don’t Cry the stories of two such families are presented, one interpreted by the granddaughter of the title’s hero and the other by a family friend. The story is told through extensive interviews, conversations, and observations of family members and friends.

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