Fast Sailing and Copper-Bottomed


Aberdeen Sailing Ships and the Emigrant Scots they carried to Canada 1774–1885
Lucille H. Campey
Published by Natural Heritage Books, 2002
208 pages, 7 x 8.75 inches

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The days when Aberdeen’s “fast sailing and copper-bottomed” ships carried Scots to Canada are brought to life in this fascinating account of the northern Scottish exodus during the sailing ship era. New and little-used documentary sources provide convincing evidence of good ships, sailed and managed by reputable people, challenging the perceived imagery of abominable passages in leaky old tubs.

Author Lucille Campey, well known for emigration history, has attempted to identify and list all of the immigrant sea crossings to Canada from Aberdeen and Highland ports, especially Cromarty and Thurso. She follows the immigrants to their destinations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Upper Canada. Includes appendices, bibliography, and index.

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