Chalmers Presbyterian Cemetery, Scarborough


A transcription of the grave markers
By Toronto Branch OGS, published 1993
8.5 x 11 inches, 11 pages
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Chalmers Presbyterian Cemetery (SCR-003) was located on Lot 34, Concession C, Scarborough Township, on the northeast corner side of St. Clair Avenue East and Pharmacy Avenue. It was used by the congregations of both Chalmers and Emmanuel Presbyterian Church on Swanwick Avenue. The cemetery was closed in 1952 and some of the remains reinterred in Pine Hills Cemetery (SCR-018).

This publication is based on a transcription done in 1952, before the property was redeveloped, and Pine Hills Cemetery “removal records.” It includes an introduction, photos, and a map showing the new location in Pine Hills. The index can be consulted in The Ontario Name Index.