Researching Yonge Street


Edited by Sheila Jean Brown
Published by Toronto Branch OGS in 1996 to mark the 200th anniversary of the survey of Yonge Street
6 x 9 inches, 260 pages

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What a tale a street can tell! There are as many Yonge Street stories as the people and events along its length. The 46 diverse articles in Researching Yonge Street were contributed by members of Toronto Branch OGS and other invited historians. They provide interesting and occasionally humorous stories about life on Yonge Street plus valuable hints and resources for anyone conducting research in Toronto or York Region. Indexed.

This unique copy was autographed by many of the contributing authors at a launch event—”the world’s longest book signing”—in November 1996 at the Ontario Historical Society headquarters.

Selected chronology: J. Brian Gilchrist/ The Route to Lake Simcoe: Orville F. Osborne/ Legend of Sally Leek and Lt-Gov Simcoe: Theresa Leek/ A Surveyor’s Life: Sheila Brown/ William Berczy and the opening of Yonge Street: Robert J. Shank/ Bolsar Munshaw and the settling of Markham: William R. Taylor/ A Township Papers mystery—resolved?: Jane E. MacNamara/ Toronto and York Radial Railway Company: J. Christopher Kyle/ Yonge Street Subway: Hollie Lowry/ A Trip Up Yonge Street: Joyce Dennie/ Beginning of Yonge Street: the Yonge Street Wharf: Robert B. Townsend/ Franklin House Property: Ernest W. Kerr/ A 200-year history of Yonge Street through property deeds: John Tyacke/ Early Yonge Street merchants according to William Henry Smith: Shirley Watton/ James Good and the Toronto Locomotive Works: Dana Williams Ashdown/ Yonge when I was younger: Marg Tassy/ My Yonge Street (Williams family): Marion Fawkes/ Sandhill Indian Burial Site: Lorraine Le Camp/ A Yorkville family goes to school (Jesse Ketchum): Sally Patrick/ Cemeteries of Yonge Street: Marjorie Stuart/ North Toronto Railway Station 1883–1930: Ian Wheal/ Researching North Toronto: Lynda Moon/ Ramsay family of Eglinton: William A. Ramsay/ Montgomery family along Yonge Street: Florence E. (Betti) Hinman Paull/ The Montgomery’s Tavern family: Dorothy Milne/ The “Root” to Yonge Street (Marsh family): Terrilee Ann Mathews-Craig/ Marsh family of Yonge Street: Terrilee Ann Mathews-Craig and William Robert Marsh/ Kendrick family of Yonge Street: Terrilee Ann Mathews-Craig/The Kendrick brothers: Karen Kendrick Woodworth/ The Little Baptist Church on Yonge Street: Bruce Hodgson/ Hollingsheads and Hills of Yonge Street: Morley Thomas/ Richard Heron, Queen’s Ranger: Dorothy Milne/ Newtonbrook United Church: Elizabeth McQuillan/ Humberstone Potteries of North York: Donalda Badone/ The Streets of Yonge Street: Myrna Fox/ Into the woods on Yonge Street. Hannah Chapman asks for land: Peter W. Johnson/ West family of Thornhill: Katheryn M. Broughton/ A Sheppard family travels Yonge Street: Karen B. Kendrick/ The de Puisaye settlement of Windham: Charles Sauriol/ Valliére family and the de Puisaye settlement: Bernice Edmunds/ John Coulter family of Richmond Hill: Doris Bourrie/ Loyal True Blue and Orange Home: Ruth Burkholder/ The Lloyds of Newmarket and Aurora: Richard Douglas Lloyd/ Quakers of Yonge Street: Jane Zavitz-Bond/ Quakers families of Yonge Street: William E. Britnell/ Yonge Street through the eyes of a prairie child: Florence Maynes

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