The Ontario Photographers List


By Glen C. Phillips
Published by Global Heritage Press, 2002 and 2010
Volume 1: 1851–1900 (117 pages) PDF Download $16.95
Volume 2: 1901–1925 (99 pages) PDF Download $16.95


An invaluable guide to help you identify the place and date when a photograph was taken. Many family history researchers have boxes of photographs, but do not know who is depicted in the photo nor when or where it was taken.

Compiled from a variety of municipal and business directories, these books list individual photographers, where they worked and when. If you have a photograph that includes a photographer’s stamp or other identification you can easily find out when and where that picture was taken. That information might help you to identify who is in the picture.


  • If you have a picture with the photographer’s stamp of “D. W. Cameron” you can lookup D. W. Cameron in the every-name index, see that this person appears on page 16.
  • Flip to page 16 and you will learn that D. W. Cameron was a photographer who worked in Carleton Place, Ontario from 1895 to 1897.
  • That information tells you where, and about when the photograph was taken.

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Volume 1: 1851–1900, Volume 2: 1901–1925