Index to the Upper Canada Land Books

Edited by Susan Smart
Published by the Ontario Genealogical Society, 2001 –2003
8.5 x 11 inches, plastic binding, about 300 pages/ volume
$4.99 each volume

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Potential settlers and those that desired additional property in Upper Canada submitted petitions for land to the Executive Council. The Upper Canada Land Books are the minute books of the Executive Council as it considered each of those requests. Each request and the result of deliberations is documented. This published index was created by members of the Ontario Genealogical Society from images of the original books and includes all family members mentioned in the minutes with identifying details, locations, and petition numbers when available. Informative introduction by Patricia Kennedy, Manuscript Division, Library and Archives Canada.

Use this index to find images of the actual Land Books which are available to view on microfilm at Library and Archives Canada and the Archives of Ontario or view free digitized microfilm at

NOTE: These volumes are part of a chronological series covering the minute books from 1787 to 1841. (This is handy if your research subjects arrived and requested land within a particular time frame.) The books are scuffed, but the information is intact. Quantities are very limited. Some index volumes are out of print.

Our parent organization sells the same data at in a series of downloads arranged by surname letter, covering the full 1787 to 1841 era.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

2: January 1789 to December 1805, 3: January 1806 to December 1816, 4: January 1817 to December 1820, 5: January 1821 to December 1826, 8: January 1836 to December 1838